While The Young Victoria is primed for release next week, Jean-Marc Vallee is moving full steam ahead. The Hollywood Reporter posts that he's going to direct Lost Girls and Love Hotels, which Kate Bosworth will star in and produce with Relativity Media. This is an adaptation of Catherine Hanrahan's novel, penned by Nadia Connors. Bosworth first bought the film back in 2006, and IMDb has her listed as a writer, but it looks like she's sticking to producer and star.

The film will focus on a woman (Bosworth) a 20-something Canadian girl named Margaret who partakes in the ever-popular trend of heading to Tokyo to teach English and forget personal problems -- in her case, a troubled family and schizophrenic brother. She teaches stewardesses "cabin-crew and airline interview English" while spending her nights numbed with alcohol and dangerous sex. But as THR describes it: "She finds herself on the road to redemption when she becomes interested in a missing Western girl." In other words, it sounds a lot like a highly dysfunctional version of Lost in Translation if Scarlet Johansson had to frequent love hotels with a Japanese gangster.

A huge fan of C.R.A.Z.Y., I'll go see anything Vallee does, especially when the project's characters include a bartender who speaks in Beatles lyrics (more excellent music inclusion potential!). But Bosworth? She's yet to wow me. But maybe in the hands of Vallee that could change ... right? Maybe? ...I'll try to hold out hope, because after three years, it's not like she's going anywhere.

In the interim, The Young Victoria heads into limited release on the 18th.
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