What's a talented-but-troubled Hollywood starlet with relationship issues, multiple DUIs, and a faltering career to do when the going gets rough? If you're Lindsay Lohan, the answer is simple: head to India to make a documentary about poor children! Or something.

Gossip began flying today around reports that Lohan had already taken off for India to shoot a BBC documentary, with the New York Post citing "sources" and "an insider" with the tip that Lohan "is excited about escaping the drama of LA and doing something real." That's not the slickest way to put it. Is Lohan taking advice from those awful twin PR agents from Bruno? Rule #1 of doing charity work to jump-start your career/distract the public from your party scene shenanigans: act like you mean it.

The NY Post and MTV are vague on further details of the documentary itself, but a brief Google search unearthed this video and report (from the red carpet, natch) of Lohan discussing her planned India BBC trip back in October. Sadly, she looks a little worn out here, and this was filmed at the beginning of the party.

Watch Lohan discuss charity work and her India documentary after the jump.
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