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Looking for something good and geeky to watch? Check out this week's notable DVD and Blu-ray releases:

lost dvd blu-ray dharma setLost: The Complete Fifth Season(DVD & Blu-ray)
For the truly insane, the fifth season of the greatest show of our time comes packaged in a "Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit" seemingly stolen from the Dharma HR offices. You get the entire fifth season, on DVD or Blu-ray, a VHS Dharma orientation video, embroidered patches, detailed maps, a Geronimo Jackson CD, and some wonderfully retro packaging all for under $100 at most online retailers. Or you could go for the standard version, which is packed with extras like interviews with the cast and a behind the scenes feature with ol' Sawyer himself, Josh Holloway.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (DVD & Blu-ray)
There are way too many versions of this release to list here, so let's just say that Harry, who is growing up and lookin' for love, and his magical wand are available to thrill you in a number of different home video incarnations. There's also the Ultimate Editions and the Year 1-6 Gift Set, which should be pretty popular this holiday season.

Get Smart: Season 5 (DVD)
Don Adams' bumbling spy Maxwell Smart is back to help save the world and wipe away the memory of Peter Sagal's mostly bland big screen update.
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