Andy Wachowski, Arianna Huffington, and Lana Wachowski via Twitpic

Arianna Huffington's Twitter feed got a lot of eyes a-poppin' yesterday with her mysterious Tweets about being a part of the next movie from the Wachowski siblings, as well as some very cool Twitpics of her in costume,on set, and with directors Andy and Lana Wachowski. Film sites are buzzing about the project, but unfortunately not all of them have stopped calling the duo the Wachowski Brothers, which aggravates me to no end because Lana is a woman.

As almost every article is quick to point out, Lana was "originally" Larry; a few years after the two gained notice for their futuristic blockbuster The Matrix, rumors were flying about why the two were so reclusive. Then Lana came out as a woman, even holding a press conference for the official announcement, which is truly awesome. And while it's not a shocker than fanboys can't resist taking potshots at Lana's appearance or referring to her as him or, I'm sure, a variety of derogatory terms, is it necessary for journalists to mention this every chance the directors are mentioned? What's really mind-boggling is when writers use the moniker the Wachowski Brothers and then refer to Lana with the correct gender pronoun.
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