It's one of those awkward weeks for The Geek Beat. There's a real scarcity of meaty geek news out on the interwebs, and the timing is completely off on the retrospectives I've been pondering. So I'm afraid I'm going to have to fall back on a rather boring topic -- wishful adaptations. Hopefully, it'll get you thinking and discussing whether or not any of these stories would make good movies. If it doesn't, well, I hope it inspires you to add some books to your Amazon wish list.

By now, you're looking at the title and that picture of a gun-wielding monkey and thinking "She can't be serious." But I am! Sort of. In looking over my creaking shelves and stacks, I noticed that a lot of the books I love, hand out, or just had a really fun time reading are animal related. Frankly, I was surprised at just how many edgy tales resorted to zoology to make their point, but I really shouldn't be. Authors have been using our furry friends to dish out some allegory since ancient times. In the modern world, such stories seem to really fall into three camps -- those that "soften" something terrible by using animals, those that intend to shock you even more, and those that are just having childish fun with the concept.
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