PopCrunch just put up a compilation of the 13 Most Dangerous Movie Stunts Done Without Stunt Doubles and, well, it's missing a few must-haves for such a topic. But before getting to who/what didn't make the cut, let's look at those who did: Jason Statham's helmet-less bike ride wearing a hospital gown in Crank? Sylvester Stallone in Rambo and Harrison Ford in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull simply because they were old during filming? Christian Bale losing 63 pounds for The Machinist? Matt Damon filming a "scene in the water" in one of the Bourne films? I find few of those qualifying of a Most Dangerous label.

Now PC's list isn't always so nebulous. Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd all warrant being on such a list, but unfortunately they're inclusion only serves to highlight how lacking the rest of the roster is; not to mention their examples aren't necessarily the most dangerous their careers have to offer. No Zoe Bell in Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof? No Grant Page in Stunt Rock? Sure, those two started off as stunt doubles, but that shouldn't exclude them from the running once they graduated to acting. And while we're at it, Brandon Lee capping off their (unnumbered) countdown is sadly strange. The actor's death, while extremely unfortunate, was a freak accident; not the result of a lack of a stunt man.

But I'm just one griper. Who do you think deserves to make a Most Dangerous Stunts Without Doubles list? Oh, and for the fun of it, I've included a Grant Page highlight reel below.
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