There have been a couple of announcements from World Wrestling Entertainment regarding their latest film projects in the past few weeks. They've got The Marine 2 (starring Ted DiBiase Jr., wrestling son of "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase) hitting DVD, they're working on a horror/western origin movie for WWE veteran The Undertaker (a potentially so-bad-its-good film if I've ever heard one), and they're readying Knucklehead, a road comedy about mixed-martial arts starring Paul "The Big Show" Wight and Melora Hardin (with a plot that sounds an awful lot like Kingpin).

Nothing about that slate of releases gets me particularly excited as a movie fan. The WWE films at their best have only been compulsively watchable (The Condemned) and, at their worst, almost completely inept (See No Evil). The biggest loser in the whole WWE films pool of wrestling actors might be John Cena. He's got a natural charisma and energetic wit similar to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but in his films Cena's been stifled into playing dull tough guy roles, never allowing an audience outside of wrestling to see why the WWE picked him to be their next break-out star in the first place.

I hope he gets that chance with WWE's next effort, the family drama Brother's Keeper. THR reports that the film will see John Cena as a former high school wrestling star, estranged from his mother (Patricia Clarkson) in the aftermath of his father's death. His teenage brother (Dexter's Devon Graye), with no talent at sports, takes up amateur wrestling as a way to re-connect the family. It sounds like a nice departure from Cena's run-and-gun action snoozefests, and I'm especially interested in seeing how Cena handles himself in the heavy drama scenes with Academy Award nominee Clarkson. Could this be the project the WWE has been waiting for --the movie that makes John Cena the next Rock?

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