With The Princess and the Frog, Disney proved it's not afraid to make an animated feature film starring an African-American princess. Who's next on the list? Jewish American Princesses, obviously, because if anyone loved my tribe, it's Walt Disney. God, he was always stealing the latkes. Anyway, the folks behind Landline TV have made that dream a reality, sort of, with this behind-the-scenes look at Rachel and the Dragon. They braved the malls of Long Island to study their subjects, even risking the poisonous disdain of three test, um, princesses to make their story of Rachel and her car-crashing, money-demanding ways as realistic as possible.

"Once you see them in front of you in the room, you get a sense of how obnoxious they really are," says animator Peter Wintersberg. "I just feel like they're judging me all the time!" Which is why I dropped out of Hebrew school.

If you too would like to get a glimpse of Rachel, her prince, her fairy god-yente, and her Yorkies, Dolce and Gabbana, peep the video after the jump.