When you're Jennifer Aniston, how do you follow up The Baster (still one of the most repulsive rom-com concepts yet) and The Bounty? Why, by marrying Adam Sandler in some kind of quirky, zany, and lovelorn fashion. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Aniston has signed up to star alongside Sandler in The Pretend Wife.

Penned by Allan Loeb (who also wrote Baster) and Tim Dowling, the project is being set up as a Sandler vehicle which means there ought to be some crass jokes in there to liven up the gushy proceedings. Columbia and Happy Madison are staying silent on the plot, but I think you can connect the dots easily enough. Sandler's character needs a wife for a family gathering, a contest, a good hotel rate, a contest, something ... and he asks Aniston. She agrees because there's something in it for her -- perhaps money, contest winnings, or because she needs a fake husband to keep her own self-respect. The two will end up in hilariously awkward situations, one of which will feature them both naked, and slowly they will fall in love. They'll never have to reveal Aniston was a pretend wife, because she'll become his real wife. Warm fuzzies, and thankfully all without a turkey baster.

The film already has a release date of February 11, 2011, the Friday before Valentine's Day. That's so single people have a movie to attend alone that will simultaneously entertain and shame them, and couples can go see it, cuddle, and see their own love in Aniston and Sandler. Yeah, so, everybody wins!
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