Sign me up for this rumor. In fact, if this is right, you can bet your bottom dollar that my arse will be in the theater come the first midnight screening. According to the Los Angeles Times'Hero Complex Blog, Josh Brolin is being considered for a lead role in Men in Black 3.

While just about any lead role would make me happy, it looks like there are a few possibilities under consideration. The rumor mill says that Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K might pass the torch over to Brolin as Will Smith's new Agent J partner, or he might play a young Agent K, or be someone else entirely. The project already has a writer and (tentative) director, but it has yet to get the full green light ... but how can it not if Brolin signs on?

While Brolin is a very talented actor, there is nothing I like him in more than something where he gets to exercise a little bit of campy ridiculousness (Planet Terror!), and he'd breathe an ever-welcome breath of fresh air into this franchise ... as long as he doesn't get Patrick Warburtonized. Is Brolin enough to entice you back to the men in black who are not Johnny Cash? And if so, what sort of role should he have?
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