PR group mPRm has hooked up with OTX, a firm that specializes in online research, to offer unemployed film critics a hundred bucks to take part in focus groups for indie movies, according to Sharon Waxman at TheWrap. While focus groups are no big news, offering cash to well-known and respected film critics who have fallen victim to the economy for their input on whether or not a "niche or arthouse" film will be an Oscar contender is certainly a new angle.

Waxman reports that publicist Mark Pogachefsky "came up with the concept a year ago, when many critics he knew were being laid off." He told Waxman, "I thought, 'How can we take advantage of all that expertise and create a business around it?"

Just a few of the questions that those who partake in the focus groups will answer are

*Would you definitely recommend to your readers?

*Does this movie have awards potential?

*Is this movie appropriate for festivals, mainstream movie houses or indie houses?

*Who are your favorite characters?

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