Director Roland Emmerich better hope and pray his apocalyptic thrill-ride 2012 doesn't come true. That would only leave him two years to spend the reported $100 million dollars he'll be seeing as part of his directing deal (according to The Wrap). Emmerich signed a $20 million advance against 20% of the film's gross profits, which basically means he's now reached Scrooge McDuck levels of wealth. Time to move to Duckburg, Roland, and invest in a diving board so you can jump off and swim around in all your loot. He's not just rich, he's EmmeRICH.

While 2012 did well in the US (not great, but very good with $149 million and counting), the toppling of buildings and exploding of cities apparently knows no language barrier, causing the film to rack up a staggering $450 million dollars in its current theatrical run overseas. While the movie hardly seems sequel-ready, Emmerich has made some noise about continuing the 2012 adventures-in-running-away-from-stuff-blowing-up as a television series.

The underdog story in all of this is that Emmerich had several studios pass on the script for 2012, which resulted in his unusual contract gamble when he found a home for the project at Sony. His steadfast faith that worldwide audiences will pay to see landmarks get leveled with computer-generated sound and fury -- the same faith at practice in Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and Godzilla -- has paid off in a massive way.
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