It's time for the first annual SciFi Squad Holiday Gift Buying Guide. But before we get to the goodies, a few things worth nothing.

- You're probably well aware that things like Star Trek and Watchmen are already out on DVD and Blu-ray. You'll not find them listed here.

- If you can walk into any Barnes & Noble and come face-to-face with a book, it's probably not going to be listed here.

- SciFi Squad is getting no kick backs for anything on this list. If it's here, it's because we think it's cool, and that's it. If it links to a specific store, that's purely for convenience as most of these products are available anywhere.

- The categories are: Books, Blu-ray Collector's Editions, Clothes, Gaming, Random Items, and, my favorite, Expensive Items That Look Like They're From the Future.
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