The first trailer for Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprenticeis here, and if you were hoping for a faithful adaptation of the Mickey Mouse segment from Fantasia, you're somewhat in luck! As I watched the video over at (also see it after the jump) I waited and waited and waited for some recognizable shot that would connect it to its source. And then, there it was: a scene in which Jay Baruchel, in the Mickey role, is dealing with a flooded laboratory and a (hopefully possessed) mop. It may be a short sequence just to appease us sticklers, but I'm thankful for it, nonetheless.

Otherwise, the trailer is a repetitive and confusing mess, and it doesn't help me understand what this thing is about in the least. All I know is The Sorcerer's Apprentice will feature a whole bunch of CG and way too many shots of the Chrysler Building, which is where I'm assuming Nic Cage resides and plays Dumbledore to Baruchel's reluctant Harry Potter. Unfortunately, it reminds me a lot of the terrible Bulletproof Monk. Also, Cage looks like a freakin' nutcase, but we already knew that, and anyway it's not like we can expect much else from the guy these days.

If there was a shot of Alfred Molina in there, I must have missed it (there is; I went back and checked), which is a shame since he's apparently the film's villain, and you'd think Disney would want to let kids know the baddie from Spider-Man 2 is back to doing evil. It also might be good for those of us who love the actor's recent performance in An Education. Between Molina and Baruchel, who I honestly thought was the best part of Tropic Thunder (okay, maybe second best part), I'm still likely to give this a shot. Are you?

The Sorcerer's Apprentice opens July 16, 2010.