'A Christmas Story'

A young boy got his tongue stuck to a metal pole in Boise, Idaho, yesterday morning and had to be rescued by firefighters, according to the Idaho Statesman. A woman noticed him standing in the freezing cold, deduced what was happening, and called 911. Did she, by chance, see A Christmas Story? The article doesn't say, and the boy isn't talking. In fact, he didn't say much to firefighters after they poured a glass of warm water on the pole and freed his tongue from the frozen pole. Not surprising that the unidentified boy, estimated to be about 10 years of age, didn't say much -- his tongue was bleeding a little bit, and he was likely quite embarrassed. At least no other kids were around to witness the incident.

Last year our own Erik Davis observed that watching A Christmas Story has become a beloved holiday tradition for many families, providing inspiration for the youth of the world: "I'm sure more than a few kids will try to stick their tongues to something cold this winter ... just to see if it really sticks. (Warning: Yes, kids, it will really stick.)" Now, we have no evidence that the boy in Boise was actually imitating the movie -- boys will be boys and all that -- but, at a minimum, it demonstrates Bob Clark's film will live forever because it's something we all can relate to. Thanks, Jean Shepherd! You can get in the spirit of things by reading appreciations of the film by Erik Davis (plus his retro review) and Jette Kernion.
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