Most people are aware of the genie as something as menacing as Karloff's Frankenstein or Casper the friendly ghost. They're proud, smoky things that live in lamps and grant wishes. But of course, "genie" is the anglicized version of a much more diabolical legend. In the Middle East, they're known as Djinn and it's the Djinn whose wallet reads 'BAD MOTHERF***ER'. Mentioned prominently in the Qur'an, these 'Children of the Smokeless Flame' were one of the 3 sentient beings created along with angels and humans. Their leader, Iblis, is most commonly associated with Satan. Most of their representations have them as harassing, possessing beings, operating on their own agendas. Not quite Barbara Eden, they truly were the boogeymen and belief in them is still relatively common.

Based on this video, though, we have very little to worry about. It's boring. I'll tell you right now, this video is a waste of time. You'd think an Islamic exorcism of a man possessed by a Djinn would be enthralling. It's not. There's no profanity. There's no crucifix masturbation, no projectile vomiting. It's just a tubby guy in a mumu sliding off of the couch. I actually look quite similar during hour 8 of a Left 4 Dead 2 marathon.

Not once does the guy break into 'You Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me.' This video could really use Max Von Sydow.

Yes, for the bulk of the clip, this guy is just writhing around the couch. Finally he starts having some sort of fit around the 7:30 mark. There are copious subtitles, but I really imagine that his friends are just saying, "Dude. You're being an a**hole. Just get up and stop acting like such a drama queen."
He's not possessed. He's just a jackass.

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