When fans of C.D. Payne's young adult novel 'Youth in Revolt' found out that Michael Cera ('Juno''s fangless, quippy Paulie Bleeker) would play the title role in Miguel Arteta's upcoming film adaptation, the biggest concern wasn't if Cera could pull off the fangless, quippy Nick Twisp, but rather Francios: the car-exploding, mustachioed alter-ego Twisp invents to capture the attention of a girl (Portia Doubleday) who likes her men a little more dangerous.

The early trailers seemed to confirm fans' worst suspicions, with Cera's Francois appearing too cartoonish and nonthreatening and the jokes a little too, well, PG. But the new red-band trailer exposes a far more versatile (and vulgar) Cera, who appears to have carved out a set of split personalities that play well not just off one another, but off of Cera's own as an actor. Watch the red-band trailer after the jump.