When Stephenie Meyer took on vampires, she put a good, wholesome, Mormon twist on things. The vamps sparkle, wear preppie clothes, have a big family, and suffer through months of pent-up sexual tension and tight-jaws while waiting until marriage to have the sex. It's not the usual vampiric ways -- not by a long shot. So, when angels -- the symbols of light and purity -- enter the teen romance world, will they then go dark?

You bet! The Hollywood Reporter posts that Disney has bought the rights to a new young adult novel by Lauren Kate called Fallen. Another classic teen romance of girl torn between two sexy options, the book is the first part of a four-book series that centers on "an alienated girl torn between two charismatic young men, unaware that they are fallen angels who have battled over her for centuries." As THR notes, this is the new trend with other titles like Hush, Hush also dipping into the world of angels.

In that case, what's next? It looks like YA writers are looking for any sort of supernatural, super-power, immortal beings to thrust into the world of tumultuous teen female yearnings. Mermen? Zombies? Aliens? Soothsayers? Astral Projections? Monks? Immortal Ninjas?
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