It's long been known that George Lucas approached the Grand Master of the Odd and Bizarre, David Lynch, to direct Return of the Jedi. This, though, is the first time I've heard the man himself speak about it and in typical Lynch style, it's vague and wonderful (watch it after the jump). The thought of a young, rising director being offered the chance to direct an entry in the most popular film series of all time and turning it down is liable to make most brains explode but it makes perfect sense in this instance. After all, Lynch is the guy who directed Eraserhead and Blue Velvet and uses Twitter to broadcast the weather in L.A. Part of me wonders if Lynch even knows what a Star Wars is.

Every movie geek out there can have fun picturing a Lynchian Return of the Jedi and wondering how wild and crazy the movie would have been. Sadly, I don't think it would have been much different. Lucas needed someone to yell action, but he was the one making all of the creative decisions. David Lynch directing Return of the Jedi would have meant David Lynch losing several years of his life that could have been spent perfecting his own unique blend of weird (and we wouldn't have gotten his Dune, which, while certainly not a good movie, is a fascinating blunder).

Stop listening to me ramble and hear the words from Lynch himself after the jump.

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