We're now fully in the carol-filled holiday season. There are Christmas trees everywhere, kids getting their tongues stuck on poles, and mass rushes of hectic gift shopping at all the major stores. To get away from it all while keeping in the holiday spirit -- there's not much that can rival watching A Charlie Brown Christmas.

At first, the film was vetoed by CBS head James Aubrey. It seems poor Charlie Brown was too much of a "loser," who wouldn't attract the audience love networks are always looking for. But oh, how wrong he was. The short film hit the airwaves and became an instant classic. As the story goes, ol' Charlie gets depressed as the holiday season descends. He heads over to Lucy's psychiatric booth for a chat, and she suggests that he direct the upcoming Christmas play. All around him, the Peanuts gang is mesmerized by all things commercial, and that makes Charlie a wee bit peeved. When he needs to get a tree for the play, he ignores the metal piles and zeroes in on the one real, pitiful-looking tree. That classic, terrible, unforgettable tree.

So, grab yourself a terribly pitiful looking piece of greenery, decorate it, and enjoy one of the most beloved Christmas films:

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