Interviewing one actor or filmmaker can have its challenges, even though the interview is enjoyable. Interviewing three people at once ... there's definitely a juggling aspect involved, especially if they've been working together, doing a lot of interviews together, and aren't afraid to step on one another's answers. I wish I'd brought a video camera to record my time with Me and Orson Welles director Richard Linklater and co-stars Zac Efron and Christian McKay, because they were such an entertaining trio. (They're not bad looking, either.) McKay stars in his film debut as Welles, whom he has also portrayed on stage, and Efron plays a teenager who finds himself on the fringes of the Mercury Players as they stage Julius Caesar in 1937 New York.

Cinematical was able to grab only five minutes or so with the three gentlemen from Me and Orson Welles during a recent press day in Austin -- in that limited amount of time, all my in-depth, probing questions were thrown by the wayside in favor of a few general queries all three could answer. Someday I would love to spend an hour with these guys. But even a short interview was a great deal of fun, and my only regret is that the rapport between the filmmaker and actors does not quite translate to text. Check out Cinematical's review from last year's premiere in Toronto for more details about the film, which also stars Claire Danes. If we can't spend more time with the trio in person, we can at least watch two of them onscreen in this charming comedy.