There's a mistaken assumption among fans and readers that online outlets find some kind of glory in reporting bad movie news. You couldn't be further than the truth. We hate it, especially if it's a film you're really, really looking forward to. The only reason I'm reporting on possibleJonah Hex troubles is because I'm hoping it'll be swiftly debunked.

SpoilerTV is reporting that Jonah Hex will be undergoing two weeks of reshoots beginning in January 2010. The casting call that has gone out would suggest that it's pretty extensive stuff -- scenes will include more of Jonah's pre-scarred life with his Native American wife, Cassie, and his son Travis. Jeb Turnbull, son of John Malkovich's Quentin Turnbull, will also be added in, as well as President Andrew Johnson himself. (If you're an Andrew Johnson lookalike, get to L.A. They need you!)

A far more troubling rumor has popped up on Bloody-Disgusting, which they claim to have since confirmed. A source there is saying that director Francis Lawrence (I am Legend) will consult with Jimmy Hayward for the reshoots. What that means exactly is beyond us, but our fingers are crossed that Hayward is still involved in a large capacity. He had a lot of enthusiasm for the film and the character, and you hate to see that go sour. Here's hoping that Hayward is still on, and that the reshoots aren't signs of trouble, but just a finishing touch.
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