I think even before I developed a real appreciation and affection for '80s teen comedies, I loved Say Anything.... In fact, that appreciation might have come because of Say Anything.... After all, there are few others from that time that really captured the timelessness, and moreover, the sophistication of teenage and early adult relationships, and even if some of the other films of the period chronicled them in broader or bigger ways, understanding the subtleties and nuances of a well-told story in this well-worn genre made me also understand the value of those wish-fulfillment versions.

Fox Home Entertainment released Say Anything... on Blu-ray last month, and it was at the top of my priority list if only to get a chance to watch the film for the millionth time. Unfortunately, other obligations prevented me from getting to it before now, but I know that I'm not the only person who was curious to see whether the new 20th Anniversary Edition surpasses its predecessors or satisfies only the most minimal of upgrade/ double-dip demands. In which case, the Say Anything...: 20th Anniversary Edition is the subject of this week's "Making The (Up) Grade."
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