Having instigated a seemingly unending revival of vampire lore, Stephenie Meyer's reach continues to stretch. According to Variety, her "beautiful," "talented and hawt" "publicist extraordinaire" (Meyers words from her acknowledgments) Elizabeth Eulberg has written her own teen fiction novel, which will hit shelves on December 29 and has already been picked up by Mandalay Pictures.

The Lonely Hearts Club isn't another addition into the supernatural romance sector, nor is it a young adult revival of the Beatles. Instead, Eulberg's book focuses on a high school girl who gets her heart broken and comes to the age-old conclusion that most high school boys are jerks. This revelation inspires her to start a "Lonely Hearts Club" and swear off dating until graduation. More girls join the society and form "a movement that throws the high school into an uproar."

Producer Cathy Schulman says the book has "a terrific female empowerment message," but I think that will depend on whether or not the girls find love in the end, somehow finding the perfect boys who challenge their assumptions, or just stay happy and single. But I'm not holding my breath. On the Amazon page, the summary hints: "Penny is suddenly known for her nondating ways . . . which is too bad, because there's this certain boy she can't help but like. . . ." Yeah, that's empowering. Let's hope that Eulberg at least took some of the criticism of The Twilight Saga to heart and at least concocted more thorough and inspiring female characterizations, even if Penny's club does seem doomed to fail.
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