Adam Hamdy will be adapting his debut comic, "The Hunter", for the big screen.

Scarlet Fire Entertainment, which produced the TV series New Amsterdam and The Beast is set to produce after Hamdy writes an original screenplay based on his superhero. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film will be produced by Hamdy and Scarlet Fire's Shane Abrahams, Steven Pearl, and Allan Loeb.

"The Hunter" debuted in 2007 through online and print distribution via Dare Comics, with a total of four issues in the limited run, and over 130,000 readers worldwide. It's described as a contemporary superhero comic set against the backdrop of organized crime. According to a press release, Hamdy says, "It's an entirely original Hunter story; a fresh and exciting way of introducing movie-goers to a character that has captured the imagination of comic fans around the world."

Hamdy also has a new sci-fi comic, "Starmaker: Leviathan," publishing this month from Dare Comics.
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