The Golden Gurus panel over at David Poland's have just weighed in with its most recent collective opinion of the year's most likely Best Picture nominees and among the 17 titles mentioned, 'The Blind Side' is nowhere to be seen. In a normal year -- that is, in any of the 65 years since 'Casablanca' triumphed in the last Oscar race with 10 nominees -- no one would have expected it to appear. It is a broad-audience entertainment with no ambition beyond commercial success.

But the fact is, the Academy did double the Best Picture ballot for 2009, with the implicit hope (desire? wish? prayer?) that a movie like 'The Blind Side' -- a big audience picture with vast riches in box office returns and a mega-star (Sandra Bullock) who makes wide-open hearts flutter -- would make the list and draw more viewers to the Mar. 7 telecast. Is that now, gulp, a possibility?
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