Danny Dyer (Severance) may not be a household name in the US, but he's recognizable to genre film fans, particular for his horror films. Now he's getting a chance to explore science fiction, in a new film called 7Lives.

7Lives is described on the production company site as an "urban morality tale about a man trying to get home." According to the Quiet Earth report, he has to get home from an alternate reality where's he's fallen after a mysterious attack. And in this world he has six other lives, including that of a rock star, a homeless person, and the "hoody" who attacked him.

It's a first feature film for Paul Wilkins, but his DP is John DeBorman (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Serendipity) with Nigel Galt as editor (Eyes Wide Shut). The cast also includes Kate Ashfield and Mary Stockley.

The production has been challenged by the distribution deal previously secured falling through due to yet another film company going bust. But according to Wilkins, they've got additional investors and are still planning on finishing 7Lives.

Sounds like a neat idea -- we hope they get it done.

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