Sundance isn't the only festival in Park City, Utah that brings in the audiences every January. There's also Slamdance, the small fest "by the filmmakers, for the filmmakers," for first-time feature directors making the most of limited budgets. It's full of a lot of fun indie entertainment, and some great documentaries like 2008's Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father. As Variety reports, this year there are ten narrative and eight documentary features, which will run from January 21-28.

This year has the usual new filmmakers, plus an added bonus of premiering Steven Soderbergh'sAnd Everything Is Going Fine. On top of that, the director will participate in their new Filmmaker Summit inviting "all filmmakers, both in Park City and virtually, to collectively craft a new charter for filmmaking, storytelling and content distribution, with and by the global filmmaking community."

But the big news is the list of films. The roster includes Drones, the feature I've been dying to see, cooked up by Amber Benson and Adam Busch (Tara and Warren on Buffy, who are a real-life couple), The Scenesters, a dark comedy starring Sherilyn Fenn, and Cummings Farm, a flick about a group of people who try to achieve enlightenment through group sex. On the documentary side of things, there are features ranging in topics from Jelly Bellys and Jihads to William Burroughs -- a little something for everyone.

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