It's that Black List time of the year. While Top Tens flutter the airwaves with the most notable films of the year (and decade), it's also time to learn about the features we haven't gotten to see -- the best unproduced screenplays of 2009. Entertainment Weekly has released Franklin Leonard's Black List Top 10 (+1 in a tie). The winners came from 97 scripts, mostly newcomers, with a few notable names mixed in as well, most now in production or close to it. Topping that off, Nikki Finke has got the list in its entirety, which you can catch peruse over at Deadline Hollywood.

The first on the list isn't too surprising, considering the big Muppet revival lately -- The Muppet Man. Written by Christopher Weekes, the script delves into the life of Jim Henson, the man responsible for bringing us both The Muppets and Sesame Street. I imagine this is one of the sure bets, between the incessant Muppet commercials on TV, Jason Segel's project, and the slow re-invigoration of the felted furries.

The Social Network, from Aaron Sorkin, comes in next, and as we already know, it's now in production. From there, we've got projects from comedies to thrillers with filmmakers that include Mark Romanek, Antoine Fuqua, and Miguel Arteta. Check out the full list after the jump, then let us know which scripts you think need to be made.
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