Hanukkah is upon us, but before I go steal gelt from small children and bet money on the dreidels before passing out into a latke-induced coma, I've cooked up a small slice of Jewy goodness for you to enjoy and/or argue about. Although it's apparently cool to be Jewish these days, some of these ladies made it work even when it wasn't, bringing their savvy and sexy ways to the screen one way or another. While some particular laddy mags point out that Jewesses are so hot now because of more "exotic"-looking ladies like Mélanie Laurent (she's blonde!), I think they're just behind the times. But no matter how hard or easy the road to fame was for them, all of these ladies make me wanna bust out a giant gold Chai necklace and drink some Manischewitz in their honor. There are plenty I had to leave out for the sake of time and space, so add your faves in the comments.
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