This is funny story to me. Not because I think S.F. Brownrigg's vintage film Don't Look in the Basement, about a psychiatric nurse tormented by the inmates at a mental hospital, is undeserving of 21st century update, but because the film's director, Josh Vargas, off-handly belittles other remakes will talking up his own. From Dread Central:

"The original 1973 film is one that not only I, but [producers] Burt and Parrish hold very close to our hearts, explains Vargas. "This will not be a 'reimagining' or 'reinvention', but a straight-up remake of a great horror film that deserves a shot at a new generation of horror fans. The script I have definitely has a much darker tone and is a bit more violent in some places, but it will not be a far departure from the source material, by any means."

It's hard to hate on his clear enthusiasm for the project, but at the end of the day it's still a remake with an emphasis on upping the violence quota, regardless of how noble its intentions are. There are no release dates or cast announced yet, but Vargas and friends are currently in pre-production with promises of more details in the coming weeks.
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