When Clint Eastwood was first asked to consider directing 'Invictus,' the true story of Nelson Mandela's use of the national rugby team to unite post-Apartheid South Africa, he was a great fan of Mandela but knew nothing about rugby.

"No, I didn't know much about rugby, except that it was a rough sport," Eastwood said by phone shortly after the Los Angeles premiere of 'Invictus.' "But 'Million Dollar Baby' wasn't a boxing movie, either. It was a father/daughter love story."

In that sense, 'Invictus' may be described as a father/country love story. Mandela, imprisoned for 27 years for his activism against white minority rule in South Africa, became the country's president shortly after his release and shocked folks on both sides of the racial divide by keeping many of his predecessor's white cabinet members and personal bodyguards while launching a policy of reconciliation.
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