It's typically believed in Hollywood that you have to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money. Or, maybe that's just how it seems to us outsiders greeted with one overinflated blockbuster after another. Some movies are even marketed partially on the fact that they cost so much. But then a movie like Paranormal Activitycomes around and shows the suits that a movie can make a ton of profit when it's cheaply produced but well made.

Unfortunately, the normal reaction to a breakout hit like that is to ignore it, pronounce it a fluke or otherwise go back to business as usual. That's why it's so refreshing to learn, as Variety reports, that Paramount Pictures is reacting to its success with Paranormal by budgeting $1 million annually for the production of 10 to 20 small films, none costing more than $100,000. I'm guessing they won't go any lower than $15,000, which is how much Paranormal reportedly cost -- initially at least.

The studio will be handing these microbudgets to both unknown and established filmmakers, yet it doesn't appear to be a given that all these films will receive theatrical distribution. Maybe some will go straight to DVD and/or serve as a calling card for new talent and/or function as source material for remakes with bigger budgets.
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