Wanna know how to find out more about Ghostbusters 3? Well then look no further than Sigourney Weaver, who, while speaking to the UK's Channel 4 about Avatar, let slip a pretty huge plot detail for the much-anticipated sequel. First off, when asked whether she'd be a part of Ghostbusters 3, Weaver admits to having read the script and was open to playing a role, though she says she probably won't have a very big part in it.

And here's where the spoilers come in, so read at your own risk.

Basically Weaver admitted that her son Oscar (who was kidnapped as a baby in part two before being rescued) has grown up and become a Ghostbuster. He's probably the one leading the current team, and the main focus of the film. But then things got interesting when Weaver mentioned Bill Murray, and knowing this fact I can kinda understand why Murray has been somewhat reluctant to sign on. So what's the deal? Well, Weaver says Murray's character is a ghost. Yup, a ghost. So, unlike the previous two films, this time one of their own is an actual ghost ... and that should (hopefully) make room for more than a spoonful of hilarity.

In reality, it's probably not the biggest spoiler, as Murray's ghost more than likely assists the new recruits in some way and, therefore, will be a big part of the marketing campaign. But still, it's probably something the studio didn't want leaked -- at least not yet anyway.

So if you've reached the bottom of this post, then feel free to watch the interview in question after the jump and then chime in what you think about this plot development. Does it have the word "cheesy" written all over it, or could do you see potential there?

Note: We've updated this post with a little more news after the jump.
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