Don't worry; I have no intention of spoiling plot points or scenes that aren't featured in the trailers for Avatar. I was one of the guys left unimpressed by the first trailer for the film -- one of the naysayers who moaned that it looked less like a movie and too much like what the next generation of video games might be. I think the second trailer was stronger overall, but nothing I'd seen left me feeling really pumped.

I had trust in James Cameron as a director though, a trust that kept me from dismissing the film outright. I hoped for something that matched the strength of his earlier sci-fi projects, but I couldn't seem to get excited over the images of ten-foot tall blue cat people running around, shooting arrows at military gunships, on a planet that looked an awful lot like Star Wars' Naboo. Sam Worthington was also still a cypher to me -- a forgettable addition to an undercooked sequel (Terminator Salvation).

Now that I've seen the film, I understand what a challenge the trailers for Avatar must have been for Fox.

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