If you've been following Horror Squad for awhile, you'll have noticed that I'm typically the first person to jump on anything Paranormal Activity (review)related, or at the very least be the only to salivate over the movie. While many are content with saying it's merely a good and indeed a scary film, I am one of the few fanboys out there who consider it to be one of the best horror films of the decade and a shining example of how horror does not need to be a flashy affair to be scary. I am incredibly eager to get my hands on a Paranormal Activity DVD once it gets released, so naturally I'm beyond excited for this.

Those fine purveyors of horror news Shock Till You Drop have brought to my attention a limited collector's edition of the film that will be made available "only online" on December. This coincides with the film's regular DVD and Blu-ray release date, and sports some pretty impressive bonus features for those hardcore dweebs who salivated over the film and saw it three times in theaters (*coughmecough*). The DVD includes:

-A theatrical version, unrated version and the often-talked about "never before seen ending."

-A collectible trading card featuring an authentic film cell

-A limited edition and numbered t-shirt to let everyone know you were one of the million people to "demand it."

And as an added bonus, Shock even got the DVD art, which is, well, unimpressive, but I don't think that's the selling point. You can take a gander at it up there in the corner in fancy thumbnail size, or by taking a peel after the jump.
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