Screenwriter and actress Rose Kaufman, wife of writer/director Philip Kaufman and co-scribe of Henry & June, passed away on December 7 at the age of 70. As The Hollywood Reporter posts, she battled cancer for four years before succumbing to the disease in her San Francisco home on Monday.

While husband Philip spent the most time in Hollywood, adapting and directing films like the Oscar-winning Right Stuff, Rose collaborated with her husband on two writing projects. First was the 1979 film The Wanderers, and then, nineteen years ago, the controversial film Henry & June. In 1990, the MPAA had created the NC-17 rating, and Henry & June was the first "honored" with the designation. The feature was an adaptation of Anais Nin's novel, and it detailed her romance with writer Henry Miller and her attraction to his wife, June. The beautiful film earned an Academy nod for cinematography, but the book itself was also skillfully adapted by the husband and wife team.

You can watch the final scene for the film after the jump. (Strong language warning.)

Rose, your contributions to Hollywood might be small in number, but they were unforgettable. Rest in peace.
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