Like most horror fans, I've grown weary of remakes. I don't believe that they indicate that there's no originality left in Hollywood, but I do find them indicative of the film industry's inherent laziness. There are great scripts out there not getting made because there's less risk and more reward (and less effort) involved with just churning out updates to older movies.

This doesn't mean that I automatically assume all remakes will be awful. I try to approach the majority of them with an open mind and give them a fair shot. Occasionally, one even comes along that looks like it might be good. We saw this happen with Alexandre Aja's re-imagining of Craven's The Hills Have Eyes and it looks as though it could happen again with Breck Eisner's The Crazies.

Eisner's film is a retelling of one of the lesser seen works in George Romero's filmography. The updated version stars Timothy Olyphant as a sheriff in a small town where the population morphs into murderous maniacs after a mysterious toxin winds up in the water supply. Radha Mitchell co-stars as Olyphant's wife.

The newest trailer for the film has debuted on Yahoo Movies, and I'm pretty impressed with it. Sure, it looks a lot slicker and polished than Romero's version, but The Crazies isn't a film that worked because of its low budget cinematography (unlike Texas Chainsaw Massacre--a remake that failed because Hollywood made it look too pretty) in the first place.

We'll have to wait til February to see if the finished film is as good as the trailer, but until then I'm honestly expecting good things out of The Crazies.

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