In March, we learned that not even clever wordplay is safe from ridiculous censorship when Kevin Smith'sA Couple of Dicks was tentatively renamed A Couple of Cops. Beware the double entendre! We might have boobs, violence, blood, or a title like Zack and Miri Make a Porno go through, we might have a film called Inglorious Basterds, but plays on the word penis get shut down. ...even if the title simply means two cops.

Well, while looking around Warner Bros. Exhibitor's Website, The Film Stage discovered the newly changed title for Smith's movie -- Cop Out. It certainly sounds more interesting than the mundanely named A Couple of Cops, but I was still hoping the powers that be would come to their senses, or at least they'd be able to find a title even better than the aptly named A Couple of Dicks. At least they were able to stick with the double entendre. ...Unless there is another film called Cop Out that we don't know about yet.

But I doubt it. This so-called Cop Out will have its trailer screened during Sherlock Holmes, so we'll find out the Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan-starring truth then. What do you think of this new title?
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