The infamous "Hamburger Bed Girl", Kayla Kromer, one-upped her original novelty hamburger bed (inspired by the burger beds in Hamburger: The Motion Picture) with the creation of a Star Wars' Millennium Falcon bed.

With working lights, hidden places for smuggling, a detachable satellite dish pillow, a gunnery turret, and room in the cockpit for Han and Chewie (or Lando and Nein Numb. Kayla's ship is apparently manned by Wicket and Jar Jar Binks), I'd never get any sleep in it -- I'd be way too busy playing. The bed appears to be about as perfect as a Millennium Falcon bed could possibly be, but Kayla, ever the geek bed perfectionist, laments the lack of detachable mynocks.

She's also unsure if she'll ever sell the bed (unlike the burger bed, which went for $3,000 on Ebay), noting that building it within her room has made it pretty much impossible to get out of the room, due to its enormous size.

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