It's hard to believe that we're almost a full decade away from the year 2000, the new year wrongly destined to bring down the world with computer failure and chaos. A lot has happened in the last ten years, not only with the world-at-large, but also in Hollywood. In 2000, Sofia Coppola was kicking off her career with The Virgin Suicides, Christian Bale became an American Psycho, and we finally got a taste of the X-Men. As it all winds down, we've got James Cameron creating amazing technology for Avatar, a blockbuster franchise for teen girls, and the seemingly unfilmable Watchmen in full, blue-penis glory.

But what now?

As we head to the next decade, I find myself looking hopefully forward more than back. A lot has changed, but so much has stayed the same, and so much can still be improved. Of course, at the forefront of my mind is more diversity in just about every area -- an increased female presence, more racial diversity, themes and plots that haven't been beaten to death, less copycatting. And then there are the particulars -- like it's about time we actually see a new Whit Stillman movie, or find out what happens to Jesse and Celine, or finally see a kickarse Wonder Woman come to the big screen. It's time for Hollywood studios to stop, think, axe, and apologize for the myriad of game movies in the works, to add more banter, and more brains with the brawn. It's time to stop seeing more money than effort thrown into productions, see as many worthy laughs as there are easy jokes, and -- my god -- for distributors and marketers to stop killing films with continual delays and crappy campaigns (Mandy Lane!).

As we move into 2010, what changes would you like to see, big or small?
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