Hwaet! Praise of the prowess of handsome film kings / of sharp-eyed actor-directors in days now passing / we have heard, and what amazement the readers have!

Or in other words, Mel Gibson is stepping behind the camera again. According to Variety, he will be directing Leonardo DiCaprio in an untitled Viking drama that will be penned by William Monahan, and produced by Graham King. It'll be a reunion rarely seen outside a mead hall, as Monahan and King penned and produced Edge of Darkness and The Departed. They'll all be sailing pretty far off the shores of Boston for this one, and are expected to make the journey in fall 2010.

All involved have only confirmed the project, but aren't releasing any plot details except that DiCaprio will apparently be playing a Viking. Variety says he's always been interested in the frozen north, and jumped at the chance to explore the topic with Gibson. It's also expected to be the sort of historical epic that Gibson has made his home turf since 1995.

So, there's not much else to say for now, except that people will undoubtedly be surprised that anyone's willing to work with Gibson. But the controversial actor / director seems to be enjoying a bit of a comeback in Hollywood, though it remains to b seen if the public can warm to him again. Even I've cooled on him since his last slog through the tabloids. Still, I can't resist a Viking epic -- and Gibson does know how to make a historical picture, even if the facts get squishy. Count me in to seek the whale-road with them ....

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