Not long ago I was invited to host a Q&A with DERRICK Comedy at the New York Film Academy here in New York City. It was kind of a big deal because DERRICK's film Mystery Team was opening up in New York the following day (where it's already enjoyed tons of success), and also because I was tasked with giving back something to this massive group of film/acting/producing students that they could then take away with them and use in "the real world". So, yeah, naturally I was a little nervous, but I'm happy to say the event was a total success.

What's even better, though, is that the fine folks from NYFA video recorded our entire discussion (which, minus clips, runs at about an hour and seventeen minutes), and so now all of you can check out the marathon Q&A for yourself. We cover pretty much everything -- from where DERRICK Comedy started to the trials and tribulations of pitching in Hollywood to making a feature film to going to Sundance with that feature film and then, of course, to selling your film to a major distributor. For those interested in the realities, hardships and total wins of the film business, this is a discussion you might want to check out.

If you still haven't seen this hilarious comedy, Mystery Team is screening in New York through December 17th, and you can Demand It play in your neck of the woods by heading over to their official website. Check out the Q&A (along with their new music video) after the jump.