First, a justification - Solomon Kaneis not horror in the purest sense. At it's core, it's a tale of sword and sorcery. The film, however, along with the source material, is drenched in spooky things, as this clip illustrates. It's packed with zombies, crucifixion, and demons.

Carved from the mind of Robert E Howard, the two-fisted pulp creator of legends like Kull and Conan, Solomon Kane is the story of a globe trotting puritan. Kane, to me, is one of the original stone-faced badasses and always struck me as a little bit unhinged. He's essentially a pilgrim who wanders around kicking ass for the Lord, carrying his pistols, swords, and a draconian moral code. (He's also kind of a racist, but fortunately, that's left out of this adaptation.)

The film itself, one that I was lucky enough to catch at Fantastic Fest, is a rousing adventure, soaked in muddy tones and bleak landscapes. While it's not quite a direct adaptation of any of the original stories, it captures the essence of the tales. It's an origin story, one that I don't believe Howard ever actually penned, but fits in quite nicely with the canon, if not completely on-the-nose. Michael Bassett, director of Deathwatch and Wilderness, helmed the flick. He's 3 for 3, at this point. Now, only Lion's Gate would hurry up and release the damned film. For a bit of a deeper look, check out Scott's review here on FearNet.

Check out the trailer below, as well as one of the eerier moments, one of Solomon's crew before they get decimated by the ghouls that lurk in the mirrors.

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