Everyone is quick to jump on Fox News Channel's case for blatantly inciting morons everywhere with speculation and non-news. But even if Fox tends to be the most irresponsible and repeated offender, they aren't the only news outlet in the fake news racket. Take for example, this fun little Newsweek exercise in plotting "an alternate oral history of the last decade" had Al Gore won the presidency in 2000.

Forget idiotic, this is just bug-nuts f--cking crazy. Had The Onion done this, at least it would have been funny, not to mention appropriate. The article comes complete with fake quotes from journalists and people like Jon Stewart (don't know if they actually contributed the fictional quotes or not). I've never thought much of Newsweek's work in the news business, but I like their efforts in science-fiction writing even less. When I want compelling alternate history, I'll refer to Philip K. Dick and not Newsweek, thanks.

Gore passes comprehensive energy bill and builds cross-country high speed lines...OK. But Gore preemptively attacks Afghanistan, thus preventing Sept. 11? Introduces the public option? Saves New Orleans from Katrina? Article commenter Dc Jeff says it all: "2009: As Newsweek's ship continues to sink, the publication strives to insult as many people as possible on it's way down..."

So is this someone's idea of fair-and-balanced, or just another case of a frustrated journalist who would rather be a lousy creative writer? Creating alternate histories never came up in my journalism ethics class as an undergraduate, so maybe I just wasn't properly prepared for this.

Rant over. Feel free to share my rage in the comments section below.
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