Zombie films that portray zombies as more than just ambulatory, flesh-eating corpses are a unique breed of film that, unfortunately, are seen far less than one might hope. While the conventional "group of survivors trying to survive a zombie apocalypse" is all well and good, rarely is a unique enough spin placed upon it to make it stand out from the rest. Thankfully, Andy Duensing and Christopher Doyle, known also as the Deagol Brothers, are doing their part to buck the trend with their coming-of-age pseudo-zombie romantic comedy thriller hybrid Make-Out With Violence.

Two twin brothers, Patrick and the unfortunately named Carol, and their younger brother Beetle, are mourning the disappearance of their friend Wendy. Although all friends, Patrick feels affected the most due to his unrequited love for her. After an exhaustive search, she is presumed dead and an "empty casket" funeral is held so those who loved her, which includes her best friend Addy, boyfriend Brian and Addy's friend Anne, could say their goodbyes. Shortly after the funeral, however, Carol and Beetle, exploring for cicadas in a field, stumble across an unexpected discovery: Wendy, tied to a tree, and seemingly neither alive nor dead. Instead of calling the authorities, they take her to the empty house of a friend and attempt to revive her through a number of natural and unnatural means. Awkward realizations and genre confusion ensue.
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