Remember how The Muppet Man received the top honor on this year's Black List? Well, it looks like things aren't exactly what they appeared to be. While Christopher Weekes' script definitely covers the world of Jim Henson -- it's not a biopic; it's not even based in reality. As The Los Angeles Times reports, it's more whimsical, more Being John Malkovich than any tried and true bio, and that could keep it from ever reaching production.

Weekes "had written, entirely on spec, a script about one of the most enigmatic and private of contemporary artists without having ever met or even read much about him (there exists no major published biography about Henson)." Instead, it's based on photos and bites pulled from Wikipedia. "Even though I was just 10 when he died, Jim Henson had been this Walt Disney-like figure in my life, and I wanted to create a version of him as seen through these kind of rose-colored glasses," he told the paper.

While the project is now at The Jim Henson Co., they're wanting a Muppet musical leaving out Jim and Jane -- in other words, they don't really want to make the movie without changing it into an entirely new film. Daughter Lisa Henson thinks the two visions should be combined, and "It was a very gutsy move on [Chris's] part to write this script, and we recognized the enthusiasm. But it would be irresponsible to make a biopic that would be all made up." Considering just how much gets made up in biopics, it's not exactly irresponsible, especially if the film is clearly marketed. In fact, it seems like a shame -- Henson was all about the imagination and creative thought, and it would've been nice to see a fan's spin on the man. But it looks like the Black List winner will never see the light of day.

So much for "Think Different."
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