Oh, goodie, it's another Philip Roth adaptation about an aging man awakened in life through an affair with a much younger woman! This one is based on Roth's latest, The Humbling, and while I'm sure the writing in the novel is great as usual, I can't help but think the movie version will be more of the same old man with hot actress erotic fantasy stuff of The Human Stainand Elegy.

According to the New York Times, Al Pacino, who bought the rights to the book, will star as the suicidal, past-his-prime stage actor who winds up on a farm in upstate New York making it with his friends' daughter, a 40-year-old (unless Hollywood expectantly lowers here age) with lesbian tendencies and an interest in kinky stuff like strap-ons.

Directing the picture is Barry Levinson, who has collaborated with Pacino before in different capacity. He co-wrote the 1979 legal drama ...And Justice for Alland much later produced Mike Newell's Donnie Brasco. More recently Levinson directed the actor in the made-for-cable Dr. Kevorkian biopic You Don't Know Jack, which will likely air on HBO early next year.
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