Whenever news about The Runaways hits, an inner monologue starts repeating: "Please, let this be good. Please, let this be good," over and over again. It's a music movie, of a band with only one universally recognized member surrounded by hard-core cool rock ladies, seemingly made in a stylish, indie way, with enough big-name, youthful talent to get larger audiences in. And so far, it looks cool. While we've spotted the girls walking around, the above image is the first official one to hit the net in advance on the film's Sundance Film Festival premiere. Check it in the gallery below. There's more to see!

That's Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie and Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett, and man are they looking good. Images like this older one seemed to be toeing the line between Dakota/Kristen and Cherie/Joan, but not anymore. While I can make out Stewart's features, I never would've guessed that was Dakota if I didn't know that she was co-starring as Currie. Also, Stewart seems quite comfortable in the split-leg pose, reminiscent of old-school Joan Jett pics.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Apparition has picked up the studio rights, and they also talked to head Bob Berney about the acquisition. As of now, they plan to release the film on March 19. Will you hit the theaters to see these girls rock out as The Runaways?