Now that you have 10 more days until the main event, and the little rugrats are home on Christmas vacation, you have probably been buying (and watching) your fair share of kids' movies. The latest family flick to hit the shelves is G-Force, but don't worry - if you thought that I was about to suggest that movie as part of your family-friendly viewing, think again. But it did get me thinking back to the kids classics that I still watch and love to this day.

Now, I'm a tough audience for family films, because even as a kid I didn't watch that many of them. In most cases my parents just let me watch whatever I wanted, but don't let that scare you off my list. I may have had a varied movie upbringing, but occasionally some family-friendly flicks would make it into heavy rotation -- and if there is one thing about kids and movies, we know it's that they love to watch them over and over again, which brings me to today's Cinematical Seven. That's right; I've decided to put together a list of the kid's movies that (probably) won't drive you bonkers if you are forced to sit through multiple viewings. So if you have to spend the holidays with kid-friendly entertainment on a perpetual loop, here are my seven suggestions for kids movies that won't drive you crazy..

After the jump; my picks for kids flicks that you can watch again and again...
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